The Unofficial Start of Fall

A lot of people look at Labor Day weekend as the “Unofficial Last Weekend of Summer”.  That should mean that fall has unofficially started right?  We all know that fall officially starts on September 23rd but that’s three weeks from today!  We want fall now!


The unofficial last weekend of summer may have just ended but it’s definitely still summer here in Gatlinburg.  With highs in the 90s and temperatures rarely going under 70 degrees at night it certainly doesn’t feel like fall here.  But fall is on the horizon and soon you’ll be able to walk the streets of Gatlinburg without being drenched in sweat!


So to some people fall may be “unofficially” here but to anyone that just walks outside they realize quickly that’s not the case.  Here’s to hoping that fall comes sooner than expected and we can enjoy what some call Gatlinburg’s most beautiful season and the best time to visit!



Written By:

Andrew Capps

Sales Manager